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Former MS Students

I have been blessed by the chance to work with some exceptional Master of Science students during my career. When asked if I get a higher payoff from working with PhD students compared with MS students, my instant and honest response is. “No!” You will see from the list below that the subject matter of the theses is widely varied, though there are a few common threads such as the use of simulation methods (Azizan, Tabche, Rinfret, Dall, Chirouzes, Branson), the use of multivariate methods on survey data (Li, Heady-Kelsay, Nageotte, Cole, Garlisch), and the relationships between the task environment and firm operating performance ( Carlson, Druhan, Banik, Li, Heady-Kelsay, Chirouzes).

Zainul Azizan — Ilinois, 1983 Thesis title: Using Simulation Methods to Determine the Optimal Harvesting Period for the Cultured Malaysian Freshwater Prawn, Machrobrachium rosenbergii

Carla Carlson — Illinois, 1984 Thesis title: Advertising and Market Performance in the Beer Industry

Ibrahim Tabche — McGill, 1991 Thesis title: Space Optimization of Greenhouse Potted Flowers in Québec: A Linear Programming Approach  

Patrick J. Druhan — McGill, 1991 Thesis title: Price Asymmetry in the Canadian Beef, Chicken, and Egg Markets: Implications for Market Power

Milon Marc Banik — McGill, 1992 Performance Effects of Strategic Groups and task Environments in Food Manufacturing Industries: Augmenting the Bain-Mason Paradigm

Hugues Rinfret — McGill, 1993 Thesis title: Tariffication in the Dairy Industry: A Spatial Equilibrium Approach to Analyze Geographic Price Relationships between Canada and the United States

Tao Li — Illinois, 1997 Thesis title: Competitor Groups in the Illinois Red Meat Processing Industry

Amy R. Heady-Kelsay — Illinois, 2000 Thesis title: Market Feasibility for Label Rouge-type Poultry in Illinois

François Paybou — Illinois, 2000 Thesis title: Technical and Economic Feasibility Study of Adopting French Label Rouge Poultry Systems to Illinois

Heather M. Dall, — Illinois, 2000 Thesis title: The Value of Best Management Practices for Small- and Medium-Sized Hog Operations: A System Dynamics Model

Clément A. Nageotte — Illinois, 2001 (Co-supervised with S.R. Thompson) Thesis title: Design of an Internet-based Marketing System for Specialty Agricultural Products: A Choice Behavior Approach

Jennifer L. Cole — Illinois, 2006 Thesis title: Consumer Behavior in Managing Body Weight Through Diet and Exercise

John S. Stevo — Illinois, 2006 Thesis title: Analysis of post-IPO Stock Price Movements for CME Holdings, Inc.

Thibaut Chirouzes — Illinois, 2007 Thesis title: Simulation of Biomass Markets for Cellulosic Ethanol Production

Adam Branson — Illinois, December 2008 Thesis title: The Impact Of Income And Population Change On Sub-Provincial Chinese Meat, Egg, And Aquatic Product Consumption

John Garlisch — Illinois, December 2008 Thesis title: A Covariance Model of Landscape Service and Product Consumption Behavior

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